Standard Business Sponsorship


Australia offers various employer-sponsored/assisted visas to address skill shortages in its economy. Businesses can apply to become a ‘Standard Business Sponsor’ and have access to multiple visa options to facilitate the hiring of foreign workers, with the most suitable choice depending on factors such as the individual’s skill level, duration of stay, required duties, and cost.

Moreover, individuals willing to relocate to designated regional areas can earn additional points and assist them in gaining permanent residency status.


These options encompass short-term visas (Subclass 400), long-term visas (Subclass 482), and permanent residence Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visa (Subclass 186), including the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) visa and Global Talent Employer Sponsored (GTES) visa (subclass 482), Temporary Work (subclass 400) visa, Training visa (subclass 407), and Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (SESR) visa (subclass 494).



The initial step is to secure business sponsorship approval by applying and demonstrating that the business:

  • is legally established and currently operational,
  • has no adverse records against it.
  • Once approved, the business assumes several sponsorship obligations, such as covering certain costs, ensuring the employee works only in their nominated occupation, and providing equivalent employment terms as Australian workers. The sponsorship application is valid for five years.


Standard Business Sponsorship

To fulfil the requirements for Business Sponsorship for Subclass 482 and Subclass 186, the business must show:

  • a genuine need for the visa applicant in the nominated position under its direct control,
  • the ability to employ the individual in that position for a minimum of two years,
  • a full-time position available for at least two years from visa grant,
  • an occupation listed in the current MLTSSL (unless transitional provisions apply),
  • a salary of at least AUD70,000 per annum and the market rate for the nominated occupation,
  • employment conditions that are no less favourable than those of Australians in the same location.

To become a Temporary Activity Sponsor (TAS) for Subclass 407 visa, the first step is to apply for and obtain approval, which requires:

  • a legally established and currently operating business in Australia,
  • no adverse records against the business,
  • evidence of financial capacity to meet sponsorship obligations.
  • Sponsorship obligations include covering certain costs and ensuring the visa holder only engages in the nominated occupation, program, or activity. TAS application is required once every five years. The work must be non-ongoing, concluding within the visa period.

While subclass 400 visa, the work must be “non-ongoing,” meaning it must be completed within the visa’s designated timeframe. Although there is no minimum salary requirement, it is important to adhere to market rates to avoid circumventing stricter requirements of other visa types like SC 482.

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