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PLG, a specialised immigration legal firm offers expert and practical guidance on all visa and migration-related matters. Our comprehensive services cover migration, citizenship law, and related issues, providing a convenient one-stop solution.

We offer educational counselling services that help you enrol in the perfect university or college, ensuring you fully understand all your options and the potential pathways for studying in Australia. Our guidance allows you to explore your passions, identify interests, and select the ideal career path. As a specialist immigration firm, we possess the expertise and resources to support your goals throughout the journey.

By collaborating with us, you gain access to migration lawyers/registered migration agents with extensive knowledge in various immigration law areas, including temporary and permanent employer-sponsored entry, labour agreements, business skills migration, family migration, student visas, judicial review, international education, ministerial submissions, and citizenship.


International Students – Why choose Australia?

Australia’s international education is globally acclaimed, offering exceptional opportunities to study in renowned institutions. The country’s rich innovative heritage ensures limitless potential for success. With more than 750,000 international students across various sectors as of 2022, Australia ranks as the second-most preferred study abroad destination after the US. Our outstanding higher education system boasts over 22,000 courses in 1,100 institutions and is ranked in the top 10 by the Universitas U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems, surpassing France, Germany, Norway, and Japan.


Top Destination to Study – Cities

Among the top 5 best cities globally, Australia boasts strong academic credentials with highly rated institutions. Five of our cities rank among the world’s top 30 for students, considering factors like student mix, affordability, quality of life, and employer activity. Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth offer students an ideal study destination.


Student Visa Extensions

If you wish to extend your studies in Australia, we provide assistance for international students seeking a student visa extension. With our support, you can continue your education in the country. Students enrolled in any CRICOS course in Australia can apply for a subclass 500 visa extension to prolong their stay while completing their studies. To avoid deportation and potential impacts on future visa applications, students must apply for a new student visa before their current one expires.


Change Course 

When students arrive in Australia, they may find the need to change their course or university due to various reasons. Whatever the reason may be, we can assist them in making these changes. If a student wishes to study a different course at the same university, they don’t need to apply for a new visa. Only when their visa is nearing its expiry date, they will need to apply for a new visa if required.

If you plan to change your level of qualification, such as moving from a lower-grade course (e.g. Diploma) to a higher-grade course (e.g. Bachelor’s degree), we will guide you through the process as this involves some pre-requisites that you need to carefully consider before changing.


Professional Year Programs

The Professional Year Program (PYP) is also referred to as the “Job Preparedness Program,” exclusively designed for international students to gain industry experience in Australia. It allows students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical work settings, enhancing their skills within the Australian workplace environment.

Key benefits of the Professional Year Programs include:

  • Integration of theoretical knowledge with industry-relevant training.
  • Exposure to the Australian workplace environment through internships, providing insights into work practices and ethics.
  • Earn 5 additional points towards Permanent Residency in Australia under the general skilled migration scheme.
  • The Professional Year Scholarship is a 44-week program, comprising 12 weeks of internship and 32 weeks of Australian workplace experience. We offer support for Professional Year in IT Courses, Professional Year in Accounting Courses, and Professional Year in Engineering Courses.
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Registered Training Organisations use RPL as an assessment process to analyse individual skills, knowledge, and experience acquired through work or volunteering. With an RPL certificate, the chances of landing the desired job increase by over 80% in the market.

Students can leverage their career or education experience to earn qualifications faster, bypassing redundant learning. This saves time and accelerates their journey to achieve their dream career.

The four steps to obtain an RPL qualification are:

  • Eligibility assessment,
  • Document submission (including an Experience Portfolio),
  • Evaluation by our RTO Partner, and awarding of a relevant RPL certificate by the registered training organization based on the evaluation.
Health Insurance

International students and their dependents (spouses and children under 18) studying in Australia must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This cover includes doctor visits, hospital treatment, ambulance services, and limited pharmaceuticals. We can help arrange the necessary OSHC for your entire duration of study in Australia.

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