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Prestige Legal Group (PLG) is a multidisciplinary legal services firm, that delivers tailored client-focused solutions to clients in Australia and across the globe, specialising in all aspects of “Immigration”, “International Education” and “Staffing” necessities to enable local businesses secure overseas skilled talent.

Led by Principal and Founder, Gavin Taylor who possesses an astute understanding of Australian Immigration and Citizenship laws, and his rounded experience (local and international) across the Human Resources domain (his specialist expertise includes: Organisation Effectiveness, Talent Management, International Mobility, Staffing and Resourcing). Also, he has practiced and assisted clients on varied commercial matters spanning “Employment law, Contract law, Commercial law and Immigration law”.

Gavin is a qualified Australian lawyer admitted to the Supreme Court in Victoria, having graduated with a ‘Bachelor of Laws’ from Victoria University and completed the ‘Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice’ at The College of Law.  Also, he is a Registered Migration Agent authorised by the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA), having completed the ‘Graduate Diploma in Migration Law’ from Victoria University.

In addition to the above credentials, Gavin holds a ‘Master of Science in Industrial and Organisational Psychology’ from the City University of New York. He is an esteemed member of The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA), The Law Institute of Victoria (LIV), The Recruitment Consulting and Staffing Association (RCSA) and The Migration Alliance (MA).

As an immigrant, Gavin understands the challenges and expectations associated with “Immigration” processes having dealt with them first hand, and how ‘International Education’ is so tightly linked with immigration practices and policies. His prior experience leading successful teams in the “Staffing & Resourcing” area coupled with legal expertise enables him to provide strategic, yet simple-to-understand options that can be easily implemented to achieve desired objectives.

Based in Melbourne, PLG assists a wide range of clients with complex visa, immigration and citizenship matters and is committed to delivering strategic and professional advice by offering clear, concise and “how to” approach the unique circumstances and achieve immigration success.Clients can rely on the team to provide a comprehensive and seamless service, as it prioritises client service, accessibility, empathy, and a thorough understanding of their priorities before dedicatedly providing ethical, trustworthy, and competent advice and representation across matters.

Our Operating Principles


We are a dynamic, multilingual legal team that excels in delivering innovative immigration solutions. Our passion lies in fostering global connectivity, working closely with businesses and individuals. We find joy in addressing intricate legal challenges, driven by our enthusiasm for this specialised area of law. Our commitment to exceeding expectations motivates us to go the extra mile.

Integrity is of utmost importance to us. We believe in setting realistic expectations for our clients and maintaining honesty throughout our interactions. By embracing honesty as a core value, we are able to communicate openly and directly with our clients, earning their trust and fostering confidence in the legal system.

Our team of immigration lawyers/registered migration agents are from diverse backgrounds and fluency in multiple languages, including Tamil, Hindi, and English. You are encouraged to communicate with us in your preferred language, as it enables us to comprehend your needs more effectively. This linguistic capability allows us to understand your legal concerns from a cultural perspective, enabling us to take a comprehensive approach in addressing your legal matters.

Our team of immigration lawyers/registered migration agents believe in providing a sense of safety, attentiveness, and comprehension throughout your journey. Navigating the complexities of ‘Australian Immigration Law’ can be daunting. The team are dedicated to clarifying the relevant aspects within the system and address specific concerns before offering guidance and comprehensive support throughout your legal journey, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience with our firm.

The team recognises that ‘Privacy’ is a concern for many when it comes to discussing their legal matters. Rest assured; we prioritize the utmost care in handling your concerns ensuring “Confidentiality” at all times (as required under the Code of Conduct). You can trust and share with our legal team your circumstances and concerns; we are committed to upholding ‘client legal privilege’ allowing you to seek the right advice applicable to your circumstances. We have established robust systems and processes to maintain the ‘privacy’ and ‘confidentiality’ of your matters in accordance with legal requirements.

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