Corporate Social Responsibility

Running a sustainable business means incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) values. Prestige Legal Group is of the view that focusing on ESG is ‘good business thinking’ and part of a firm’s corporate responsibility in working towards a better future we have committed to the following ways:

We operate a hybrid working environment fully supported and integrated as a cloud-based firm (we are paperless and use a number of technology collaboration tools) as a key enabler to communicate/stay in touch with our clients. Also, we use ‘clean energy’ to power and run our business, this goes a long way and assists to advocate in reducing carbon foot print and stopping energy wastage where we can.


We are supporters of causes that we feel strongly about as a firm. While this support is never enough, this community engagement is important to us. Some of the initiatives we have signed in running our business is following ‘responsible sourcing’ practices with our suppliers and third-party business partners without infringing human rights. 

We support the goal to minimise our environmental footprint and inspire people with ‘sustainability’ standards to effectively manage our operations, whilst ensuring continuous improvement and zero harm to the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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