Temporary Work Visa (Short-Stay Specialist) - SC 400


The Temporary Work visa allows skilled workers from overseas to temporarily work in Australia in specialised roles. This visa is specifically for highly specialised, and non-permanent work, grants are for short-term typically lasting up to 3 months, with the possibility of extension to 6 months in certain circumstances. In certain situations, it can also be used for activities or work related to Australia’s interests.

To be eligible for the visa, the applicant: 

  • Must possess specialised skills, knowledge, or experience that can benefit Australian businesses and cannot be easily found in the local labour market.
  • The work you undertake should be non-permanent, meaning it is expected to be completed within 6 months or less, and you have no intentions of staying in Australia beyond that period for work-related reasons.



It is essential to demonstrate that you have specific, specialised work in Australia that you plan to complete (e.g., Commission Specialised Equipment, Specialised Consulting, Assist in Disaster Recovery/National Interests).




During the visa application process, the applicant for the 400 visa must demonstrate meeting certain requirements, including:

  • You must possess highly specialised skills, knowledge, or experience.
  • Additionally, you need to demonstrate the ability to support yourself and any dependents, and show genuine intent as a visitor.
  • Meeting the health, character, and English requirements is also necessary.
Temporary Activity Visa (Short-Stay Specialist) - SC 400
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